2nd Home Management

2nd Home Management

It is very important to take a good care and continuously upkeep of your vacation home. It is troublesome to worry about the malfunction of appliances or deterioration of the property such as plumbing, doors and windows.
Our experienced staff will maintain your valuable property in Hawaii and you can start your nice and cozy life as soon as you arrive.
Our goal is to provide you with a service that you have a feeling of closeness to your home in Hawaii, even when you are away.

Owner’s voice
  • There are always problems and I need to repair during my stay
  • I don’t know who to ask, so I left the broken items as is
  • I hired a vendor by myself, but was overcharged.
  • Internet, TV and/or phone don’t work and I don’t know how to fix the issue
  • Paying monthly utilities is very troublesome
  • I’m not able to physically attend for mandatory building inspections or any repair works
  • I don’t have anyone whom I can rely on to leave my house key.
Our services help to reduce these issues
Result delivered by our services
  • To maintain the value of your property and be ready for the right timing to sell
  • To be able to use the property at any time in the best condition

Service Plans

We provide reasonable, yet high quality service that matches with client’s needs

  1. Inspection Plan

    Recommended for owners who want to maintain their property in great condition at all times

    Periodic Inspection

    We go to your property for the inspection either once or twice a month (depending on your request). Did you know that appliances are more prone to breaking down when they are left unused? We operate appliances on every inspection to prevent malfunction.

    Inspection items:
    Ventilation, running water, monitor faucets and sinks for any water leak, operating appliances, internet/cable TV signal check, door/window check, furniture condition check, insect/rodent check, yard/pool/jacuzzi check

    Inspection Report

    We send a report after every inspection by email or mail. If there are any issues, we will attach pictures and details and propose repair or replacement immediately.

    Payment of Bill

    We pay bills such as building maintenance fees, utilities and real property taxes on your behalf.


    We generate monthly statements and send to you. It is easy to see how much it costs to maintain your property.

    Check and Forward your Mail

    We check your mail box at every inspection and forward to you by email. You can also set our office address as mailing address so you don’t miss anything important. Upon request, will place the letters inside your property without opening.

    Local Contact

    We will be your local contact for the condominium or police.

    Emergency Response

    We respond and perform necessary procedures when unexpected matters such as storms, natural disasters, security alarm going off, fires, water leaks, lock out happen.

    *Additional dispatch fee will be charged

  2. Payment Service Plan

    Recommended for the owners who wants to save cost

    Same as “a. Inspection Plan” EXCLUDING “1. Periodic inspection” and “2. Inspection report”

  3. Optional Service

    We provide various additional service at additional charge

    Repair Arrangement

    When we find malfunction at the inspection, we will request repairs to reliable vendors whom we have a long-standing relationship.

    Schedule Cleaning

    We can arrange arrival, departure, monthly cleaning upon request. We recommend periodic cleaning of kitchen sink and bathroom area especially since water residue or mold are very difficult to remove.

    Project coordination / Interior coordination

    We can also consult and conduct simple renovation such as flooring / carpet replacement, wall paint, interior coordinate and setup etc. We even prepare and set up household items for you after you first purchase the property.

    Bulky Item Disposal

    It is troublesome to dispose your old furniture, appliances or other bulky items by yourself. We will arrange a disposal with waste disposal company or handyman to take care of the trouble quickly.

    Replacement or purchase of furniture or appliances

    We will purchase and install furniture, appliances, curtain, washlet toilet, etc.

    Paperwork Assistance

    Upon request, we can assist to handle paperwork associated your property(ies) such as Real Property Tax Assessment Notice and Vehicle Registration Renewal. We may also file GE Tax and TA Tax (not Income tax), if applicable. (*We may not be able to assist on certain documents. Please contact us in advance.)

    Concierge service

    We provide various concierge services while you are staying in Hawaii. Please let us know of your requests to make restaurant reservations or necessary household shopping for your arrival, etc.


“Prices vary depending on property size. Please contact us for more information.”

Plan Condominium Price Single-family house Price
Payment Service plan $115/mon〜 $115/mon〜
Inspection plan $150/mon〜 $300/mon〜